Women's Planner With AR Video On The Cover.

Womens Planner cover with golivecard AR video

About Women's Planner

Women’s planner is a specialized yearly planner for women first launched in 2008. The specialty of Women’s planner is that each year it offers a selection of different creative cover designs for their customers to choose from, representing different consumer personas. Women’s planner contains special female-focused categories (mirror inserted in the inner cover, self-breast exam, borrowed items, vacation planner, car and pet information, PMS calendar, shopping list etc.)

The 2018-marked 10-year anniversary of Women’s planner and they wanted to celebrate it by adding tech feature to their most celebrated and most attractive feature – planner cover photo design.

"Using golivecard ™ service I managed to bring covers of Women's planner 2018 to life. Not only did it cause WOW effect with consumers but it also brought us additional media coverage and ability to sell promotional (on our planner covers) to our business partners. We change the video content monthly offering different beauty products and exclusive deals to planner owners all communicated on the cover of their planner."

Dunja Tadic, company owner, Women's Planner

AR Promo Video On Planner Cover

We helped Women’s planner team to tell their 10-year brand story by bringing their popular and celebrated cover design to life into a 2D video using our golivecard AR storytelling service.

The video contained the brand message; discount code and links at the end of the video to use the discount code for planner purchase on brand’s online shop.

Video was later changed during the year to support customer’s other products (cross selling, upselling) and seasonal promotions (Christmas promotion on web shop).

As first AR (augmented reality) enhanced planner in Europe 2018 Women’s planner launch resulted with a lot of media interest, great consumer feedback and increase in online planner sales.

Benefits Of Using AR Video On Your Product Cover

It Is a Newsworthy Tech Innovation.

Our customer obtained significant media coverage and retail partner support due to championing AR video usage on printed product and using it as sales, advertising and marketing channel for retail partners and own product sales.

Gives an Additional Own Marketing  & Sales Chanel.

It allowed Women's Planner team to continue to communicate with their users through the year, offering them discounts, product add-ons (bookmarks, stickers, pens etc.) and directing them to use discount codes on their shop.

Get Precise Statistics & calculate ROI on Printed Materials.

Customer got detailed statistics from us, such as: number of times QR code has been successfully scanned, number of times each cover photo has been scanned, time spent viewing video, number of times video is viewed until the end, number of clicks on the links at the end of the video as well as the referral traffic from product cover video to their webshop through own Google Analytics refferal traffic from our FREE mobile application.

Ability To Monetize & Sell Advertising Space Over Your Product Cover Photo.

the customer could send us new video each month which we would replace digitally and all Women’s planner users would see it on their purchased Women’s planner covers.

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