Turn images on printed products into Augmented Reality videos to boost sales

Perfect for businesses running promotions on printed materials. Create your first AR campaign in minutes. No credit card needed.

Small company problem golivecard solves


You would like more sales on your web shop?

You are not tracking the results of your leaflet promotions?

Your customers are spending too much time trying to find your video product instructions on saturated channels such as Youtube?


Offer exclusive deals directly on your printed products.

Upgrade your leaflets with real-time engagement analytics.

Add video product instructions directly on your products.


10% average increase in web sales.

3x increase in marketing ROI.

71% consumers would prefer visual usage instructions on products.

*based on conducted studies

Use our AR studio to set up your first AR campaign for FREE!

We offer free 100 scans to our first 100 customers!

Others already love our service!

"We produce specialized yearly agendas for women known by the selection of creative cover designs and sold online and in upscale drug store chain dm in three countries. Using golivecard™ service I managed to bring covers of Women's planner 2018 to life. Not only did it cause WOW effect with consumers and in media but it also gave us an opportunity to sell promotional space (on our planner covers) to our business partners."

– Dunja Tadic, Planner Boutique CEO

"We are a tech company using new technologies to create personalized stories for kids printed as physical kids' books. Applying AR to our Santa Clause Christmas letter gave us an opportunity to test innovative technology on our physical product. It also allowed us precise campaign tracking. We are very happy with campaign results and are looking forward to continue this collaboration."

– Tvornica Snova d.o.o.

"Your service has been great, the price was excellent, hopefully we'll keep going for years to come, the idea is a great one!"

– Nigel Simpson, Glavani Park CEO

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska Unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj.


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