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We layer AR video over your promo material or product packaging image when viewed through our FREE mobile app

What is AR (augmented reality)?

AR is enhancement of reality through smartphone screen. It helps people to have more immersive brand experience by layering a virtual element (2D AR video) on top of a physical item like promotional flyer or your product packaging.

How Does It Work?

You provide us with the video file you want to layer over an image, and an image from your product packaging or promo material.

We do our magic & send you a QR code to place by the image.

Your customer downloads our FREE mobile app, scans the QR code and views the AR video.

What Can You Add AR Video To?

Product Packaging

Customer scans the cover of a planner with smartphone, watches the promo video to find the discount code, link at the end of the video takes her to webshop to use the code.

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Promotional Event T-Shirt

Hostess t-shirt comes to life to show tourist video when scanned with our FREE golivecard mobile app tool. Link at the end of the video leads to online promo giveaway!

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Tutorial or Usage Instructions

We designed an exercise card for a client which serves as a virtual coach with AR tutorial video complimenting pictorial and written instructions.

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Promotional Cookie

Test AR technology in a simple & affordable way! We added AR video of tourist city Split onto the Bite Art cookie for the promotion at international tourist fair.

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We designed a promotional bookmark calendar with AR video of New York as a promotional material for a Place2Go tourism fair.

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Wedding Album & Stationary

We can place your wedding video into your wedding photo album or invitations and bring the wedding photos to life with our golivecard™ storytelling service.

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Client Testimonials

"We produce specialized yearly agendas for women known by the selection of creative cover designs and sold online and in upscale drug store chain dm in three countries. Using golivecard™ service I managed to bring covers of Women's planner 2018 to life. Not only did it cause WOW effect with consumers and in media but it also gave us an opportunity to sell promotional space (on our planner covers) to our business partners."

– Dunja Tadic, Women's Planner CEO

"We are a tech company using new technologies to create a personalized stories for kids printed as physical kids books. Applying AR to our Santa Clause Christmas letter gave us an opportunity to test innovative technology on physical product. It also allowed us precise campaign tracking. We are very happy with campaign results and are looking forward to continue this collaboration."

– Tvornica Snova d.o.o.


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