AR Video Postcard Dubrovnik


golivecard AR postcard Dubrovnik
golivecard AR postcard Dubrovnik golivecard AR video postcard Dubrovnik back

Savor your vacation memories from the crown jewel of Mediterranean, a beautiful city of Dubrovnik with this special 2D AR video of the city.

Did you know that the walls of Dubrovnik are built in the way that every visitor was asked to bring a stone and an egg? A stone to build the wall up and the egg to use it as adhesive for the stone brick.

The cover photo of this postcard turns to 2D AR (augmented reality) video when viewed through a FREE golivecard mobile application. No sign in needed, just one click the on SCAN button when the app launches to make it come to life! 

Download a FREE golivecard mobile application on iTunes or Google Play Store to test the card and view the video.

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