AR Video Storytelling™

We work with companies from many different industries including hospitality, tourism, wedding planning, stationery, media, and advertising to help them share their brand stories in an innovative, measurable and engaging way using AR video, projected through the photo on the product when scanned with our FREE golivecard™ mobile application.

Our mobile application golivecard™ is available worldwide on iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

golivecard AR app on App Store

Client Services

We offer clients customization of our golivecard™ finished products or we help to bring their own existing products or marketing materials to life through the golivecard app simply by adding a QR code to it and connecting it with their video through our mobile application.

Key features of our golivecard™ AR video storytelling service:

Benefits of using AR video storytelling service:

Join us on this exciting journey of AR marketing and add a new dimension to your product with golivecard™ AR video service without having to build or maintain your own expensive mobile application.