Increase fan base with private AR channel

Augmented Reality Exercise Video Card

An exercise card was designed for a client - an augmented reality video of a coach doing the exercises complements drawn and written instructions on the back of the card. This card was placed in the hotel room along with exercise mat to promote healthy lifestyle and working out event during COVID-19 crises when hotel guests were avoiding common areas like a hotel gym.

Corporate gift with AR video you can change remotely through the year!

We designed a promotional bookmark calendar with AR video of New York as a promotional material for a Place2Go tourism fair. This is an example of placeholder corporate gift which you can give to your clients for Christmas and then continue to communicate your company's news with your client by changing the video on the same calendar (corporate gift). 

AR video on wedding stationary with links to RSVP

Augmented Reality Video Stationary

We can place your wedding video into your wedding photo album or invitations and bring the wedding photos to life with our golivecard™ storytelling service.