Where can I buy golivecard™ products?

Golivecard products are sold in selected souvenir shops worldwide. We also make custom products for our business customers, shoot us a message in our Contact form to get a custom quote or chat with us for immediate response.

How does the golivecard

™ come alive?

We use (AR) Augmented Reality technology to display the 2D video on the cover photo (when observed through the screen of the mobile device running our app) of golivecard product.

Are there any restrictions on the cover photo?

Yes, we verify each custom cover photo to our business customer before mailing the custom golivecard products to ensure they can actually come alive.

Are there any restrictions on the video length?

Yes, we recommend video length up to 30 seconds (unless your video is so great you want it to last super long, we can make it work with additional payment :).

Are there any restrictions on the scanning?

Yes, there are limits on the number of times you can scan each golivecard™ product. If you are our business partner, you will be informed when you reach 80% of the max monthly limit through your designated golivecard™ business manager. 

I am not able to scan my golivecard™. What do I do?

1 - Check if your smartphone is connected to the internet.

2 - Next, make sure you are in a well-lit room, our products are scared of darkness!

3 - Check if you allowed the golivecard™ app access to your camera/photos.

Generally, the success of the scanning depends on several factors and conditions including:

(a) the light conditions

(b) the stability of the mobile device and the golivecard™

(c) the amount of free space on your mobile device

(d) availability of third-party services we use in the process

(e) the access restrictions on your mobile device (i.e. the access to camera and photos).

(f) the limits of the number of scans for each golivecard™ product.

In the unlikely event that you are still experiencing issues with the scanning of the golivecard, contact us via our Contact Form for quick help.