Plantable AR Video Printed Products.

golivecardpPlantable postcard with an AR video

Our team here in golivecard™ believes that new technologies like AR (augmented reality) should not only increase the business and marketing potential of traditional printed products and promo materials but also look for ways to innovate further and leave the least possible impact on the environment which is also the main criticism of print industry overall. 

Sheedo Plantable Paper

We joined forces with Spain based company Sheedo Paper which produced plantable, seeds, growing eco-paper to test if AR video technology will work on photos printed on plantable paper which has a different texture and look then standard paper.

Sheedo Paper offers plantable seed paper with a different type of seeds including chamomile, tomato, dill, and zinnia. 

We test printed golivecard postcard using plantable paper with chamomile seeds. The video and image we tested was the Earth Day-themed video which was distributed to our partners and clients.

AR Video Plantable Earth Day Card

Our successful Earth Day Postcard test campaign in 2018 was the first time AR technology was used on plantable paper and it has shown that AR technology can not only be beneficial for growing your business but also help raise consciousness about the importance of recycling.

Plantable AR Video Earth Day Postcard

Golivecard™ Change of Video Service

Using golivecard AR video technology can help you spend less money and create less paper waste by reusing your already printed and distributed AR video promo materials.

We can change the video set on your AR video promo materials remotely saving you time, money, protecting the environment and building loyalty with your customer, training them to save your materials to get special offers and incentives ongoingly.

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