How Can AR (Augmented Reality) Improve Your Business Results?

How Can AR (Augmented Reality) Improve Your Business Results?

AR technology is still in its beginning stages of development, but due to the fast Internet, smart-phones and wearable technology, the use of augmented reality is predicted to become an integral part of our everyday life in just a few years.

One of the biggest impacts AR has made in the commercial sector is in the advertising and marketing. Any brand with an online store should already consider AR as part of their go to market strategy.

Helps You Work More Efficiently. 

 Using AR video on your standard promotional marketing materials will allow you to get detailed analytics and data on quality of your video, photo, and other assets as well as on actions customers take after viewing it be it: checking out on your online store, following your social media page or joining your loyalty program subscription.

Having detailed analytics will allow you to get to know your customers and their habits better, target your ads and spend your advertising budget more efficiently.

More Inclusive Brand Experience.

Using AR in advertising and marketing gives your customers and leads more immersive experience of your brand story and prompts them into immediate action - online purchase, visit of your Facebook page, subscribing on your newsletter etc.

golivecard AR video exercise card

Using golivecard™ AR video storytelling™  service on your products will allow you to prompt your customer to action and tell & understand your brand's story beyond just image and text on printed materials. What is most important, it will allow you detailed tracking and analytics and a way to calculate your ROI on printed promotional material.

Building Brand Loyalty Program.

 AR technology allows you to reuse already printed and sent to customers advertising materials to communicate a new message through AR video changed remotely which not only saves you money on design and print but also allows you to build loyalty among your customers by training them to expect immersive brand experience through AR video with your product promotions and news when notified through our FREE golivecard™ smartphone application.

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