3 Ways To Use AR Technology to Offset Losses from Corona Virus Lockdown

3 Ways To Use AR Technology to Offset Losses from Corona Virus Lockdown

According to medical experts, this 'new normal' lifestyle we are living today caused by coronavirus lockdown might last for a bit longer or in the other scenario, it might repeat in Fall. Why not prepare your business to be resilient for such disruption?

If you haven't found time to do it before this crisis, surely, in the past several weeks you have taken time to refresh your business website and revive or refresh your social media channels to try to find a way to continue the communication with your clients and customers.

However, with uncertainty, we are facing until the vaccination is found online sales, digital marketing, and virtual communication might remain our best ways to keep our businesses going.

So, how can we try to offset losses caused by coronavirus lockdown and continue building strong businesses with the help of the technology? 

1. Communicate Safety Measures Takes.

Communicate potential delays in shipping in the header of your website. Set up a chat or a phone line for faster and more efficient customer service.

For example, if you own a small stationery business that sells online, communicate how you use glows and masks while packaging products for shipping, protect the products with an additional wrap to limit exposure to the virus during shipping and delivery. Share that video on your social media channels and/or website.

Record a video showing the safety measures you took to protect your customers, your team and the products. Have this video layered over your logo printed on your packaging with the help of golivecard storytelling service, for the consumer to scan with the golivecard mobile application as soon as their product arrives in the mail.

2. Stay Connected.

It is not business as usual, we all know it and feel it. Make sure to communicate on your online channels with compassion and to provide loads of useful content at the right time of day for your customers while they are stuck at home.

If you are a stationery business you may want to share a free downloadable stay at home planner pages, self-care journal, kids coloring pages or just daily planning tips and ideas on how to put together a work from home daily agenda to incorporate making meals, caring about kids as well as much needed self-care time.

You can communicate your offer via image or logo on your product packaging using our golivecard AR storytelling service. Contact us to learn more!

3. Show That You Care.

Many people have lost their jobs and are feeling the economic consequences of the lockdown already. Set up a special offer and freebies in your online shop to grow loyalty, even though some of your previous customers may not afford to order a new product or as much as they ordered before, they will not forget the way you treated them and will come back as an even more loyal customer later.

If budget allows donating, donate to organizations supporting the coronavirus relief effort, if you cannot donate money try to donate your product, your expertise or your time where needed. Share your effort with your customers on social media and invite them to participate in their communities. 

If you came all the way to the end of this article, you deserve a prize! :) We are doing our part to support local businesses and our existing clients. Thirty businesses will get an opportunity to bring to life one image into a video for free for 1 month! If you are ready to test AR technology on your brand, no strings attached drop us a line in chat and let's get it going! 

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